Trip to Bainbridge Island

We just hit a major post-covid landmark when we took our first flight since the pandemic began TWO years ago. The last week of February, Julia & I flew to Seattle and spent a very enjoyable visit with her parents on Bainbridge Island.

Mount Hood
Flying over Mount Hood on our way to Seattle.

The initial plan had been to fly for Julia’s birthday on New Year’s Eve, but we had to delay that trip. Not due to covid concerns but good old fashioned weather. Bainbridge Island was socked in with ice & snow making it impossible for Julia’s parents to meet us. It seemed that this trip might have to be postponed too, when at the very last minute, while leaving home with packed bags, an ID document was misplaced – MAJOR PANIC! Thankfully an alternative was found, we dashed to the airport and took to the skies for a smooth flight to Washington.

Rain had been predicted for all that week but we got bright sunny days instead, though very cold and often windy. Consequently, no drawing was done, but this trip got me remembering journeys from days past.. which inspired me to WRITE an old travel tale when the others were out on long walks through the beautiful forests of Bainbridge.

The four of us went on several long scenic drives, to visit a lighthouse and various museums. We even chanced the very long queues & wait times (due to reduced covid schedules) to ride the ferry into Seattle, where we visited the Nordic Museum (and the Lundmans got to soak in their Viking pasts) and visited the fascinating Ballard Locks. We had some wonderful meals, both at restaurants (Bainbridge’s own Ba Sa was a highlight) and at Julia’s parents house, where Julia baked a belated Battenberg birthday cake.

Before the global pandemic upended everything we’d planned to travel, and those plans were put on hold for obvious reasons. Hopefully, this trip will be the shape of things to come!

6 thoughts on “Trip to Bainbridge Island”

  1. A flight in a plane, and an island trip, wow. I immediately dived on google to check out Bainbridge Island.
    How exotic a quaint ferry ride straight into the centre of Seattle. Very Nooice.
    I have images of the Sydney Ferry but everyone wearing down parkers instead of sunglasses.
    On your next trip Jimbo – what about a pic from the peak of nearby Mt Baker-Snoqualmie ?

    • G’Day Peter! Yeah, now that we are all triple-vaxxed, we figured that travel was now or never, before the NEXT variant hits and sends us all scurrying for cover again!

      Bainbridge is a very beautiful spot. In fact the entire Pacific Northwest is gorgeous. There are several scenic mountains in that area. Mount Hood (in Oregon) Mount Saint Helens and mighty Mount Rainier dominates the Seattle skyline.

      On clear days you CAN see Mt Baker too, but I might stick to its view from the GROUND.. not sure if sending ole Mr GimpyPants up a snowy/slippery mountainside is a good idea!

  2. Nice one JB, but for a second there I thought, here we go, spiders on planes …
    Pete immediately googled Bainbridge Island whereas I googled Battenberg cake (hopeless!). Oh well, on baking, a fave here at home from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook is the Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing (correction – frosting!) Thanks for sharing. JD

    • Yes! Julia has baked Red Velvet cakes before and they are DELISH! Are you a baking enthusiast yourself JD, or merely an enthusiast of EATING stuff baked by others? (as I am!)

      No ManSpiders on this trip, but there was PLENTY of drama. Misplacing ID documents just prior to a flight causes ALMOST as much stress!

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