SF Botanical Garden

The weather has been stormy & rainy lately and we’ve been housebound for several weekends in a row. When the sun finally came out briefly last Sunday, Julia & I hurried to Golden Gate Park.

Botanical Garden sketch
A sketch of Golden Gate Park Botanical Garden

Julia was eager to see the magnolias, as it is now the season for them to bloom, so we quickly made our way to the Botanical Garden. Though the ground was strewn with many petals from the windy storm the day before, there were still plenty of beautiful magnolia blossoms on the trees. We found a pleasant sunny spot to sit where Julia could paint the flowers, whereas I chose to sketch a nearby meadow, with a view of Sutro Tower up on Twin Peaks in the distance.

Then we had a very tasty early dinner at a favourite restaurant nearby, and made it all the way home before the next rain showers started.

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