I’m currently working on my own comics in the few weeks before Christmas. I got tired of working at home, so I’m now sharing a downtown studio space with comics artist John Heebink. It’s a nice location on busy Market street.

I have plotted out a pretty long sequence of Rocket Rabbit stories (about 152 pages), and I’m hoping to get at least a 48 page chunk done by early next year…. The first adventure is a 28 page story where Rocket and the Professor are confronted by the APES of WRATH. the second 22 page story has Rocket and the Professor playing bodyguard/babysitter to the PREZIDENT when he comes to San Fiasco. Hopefully I will have at least those two stories finished in time for Wondercon in February. I have already arranged tables/booths at Wondercon, Ape, and Comic-con for next year, and I will be sharing with Rhode yet again.

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