Performing pachyderms

Elephants appear in the news media in reports that fall into a few categories. Such as stories about: elephants under attack by poachers (or loss of ecosystem), rampaging elephants, scientific research involving elephants, elephants in captivity and so on.

In my Dad’s book these stories are arranged by category into their own chapters and each will have its own title page. This sketch is for the chapter dealing with stories about performing elephants.

5 thoughts on “Performing pachyderms”

    • Thanks so much Brian! I’m glad that you liked it. I have to acknowledge my debt to Preston Blair’s dancing hippo from FANTASIA. Which is to say that I wasn’t thinking of it (consciously) when doing this drawing, but a few days later I definately noticed the unmistakable influence of that sequence which charmed me so much when I was little…

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