Kewl Thangs

I want to show you two sites that showcase sculptures made from scrap. STEPHANE HALLEUX is a Belgian sculptor who makes incredible things out of bits and pieces of leather and old machine parts. His work is very inspiring and I recommend that you all take a look-see at his site. Click on each of the menus on the left side from “Personnages” (characters) to “Croquis” (sketches) to see a wide selection of his fantastic and whimsical creations, that include people, animals, machines, and vehicles. (Thanks to Tony for telling me about this artist).

The second site has been on my LINKS page for a while now but it seems appropriate to mention it again here in this post, because it too features sculptures made from bits and pieces of old junk. BENNETT ROBOT WORKS, as you’d expect from the title of the site, focuses exclusively on sculptures of ROBOTS in all shapes and sizes. They all have a retro-tech quality and a ton of personality, each being made entirely from a unique configuration of found objects. If you fall in love with one, the good news is that each of them is for sale.

4 thoughts on “Kewl Thangs”

  1. those are great!

    super imaginative, too…i love the idea that so many cool characters can be brought to life through found objects and junk. very neat..

    thanks for the inspiration…



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