Happy Birthday, Dad!

My Dad’s 80th birthday is July 29th. I couldn’t get back to Australia to celebrate with my family today, but sent this card of cartoons and limericks to mark the completion of Dad’s 80th trip around the sun.

Apart from all the typical similarities between a father and his son, Dad & I are bonded in a unique way; I had a STROKE in 2012, and Dad had one of his own in 2018, sadly. It appears that we Baker menfolk have volatile brains, which is the reason for the “broken brain Bakers” reference in the limerick. Writing limericks has been a amusement of Dad’s as far back as I can remember, and we collaborated on a book (published in 2007) which I illustrated and Dad wrote, all  in limerick. In honour of that collaboration, I delivered a best man‘s speech in limerick, when he got married (to Wendy!) later that same year. Both he & I have loved cartoons our whole lives, so silliness, both verbal and visual, has been embedded in my relationship with Dad from the very beginning. 


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dad!”

  1. Good on you James! Very amusing to read first thing this morning and I’m sure it will give a lot of joy to your dad today. …. Happy 80th Birthday wishes and love from all of us Rob. Marg

  2. Bravo, bravo, all around, not only for the brilliant illustrations, but also the Limericks, which are first rate!

    Love Toria & Perrins

  3. These are great James! love the limericks, but that caricature of you rocks, I hope your dad was equally impressed.


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