Dave Gordon

This sketch of my buddy Dave Gordon was done in late 1996 when he, I and mutual friend Tony Stacchi all visited Paris during a very chilly winter indeed. We ‘d just ordered chow in our shitty French, and this is my attempt to render Dave’s ‘dialect’. This was just after I had quit Colossal Pictures, and was traveling a little, while I tried to figure out my next brilliant career move.


I recently found some photos and sketches from that trip, when I was sorting through some boxes of old stuff, and I have been on a scanning and archiving kick lately, organizing the old photos and drawings. This round of activity was inspired when I finally received some boxes I had sent myself when I was in Australia for Christmas 2007. After going home to attend my Dad’s wedding, I had helped my father and his wife Wendy move into their new house, and along the way I was obliged to sort through several boxes of my old junk that I had left at his house all these many years that I have lived abroad, including some stuff from my years of traveling, that I had mailed home for safe keeping. I threw a lot of it away but mailed the rest to myself here in San Francisco. It was sent SEA MAIL so it took quite a while to arrive, many months in fact. Apart from some stuff sent home to Australia during my traveling years, the box also contains some of my childhood drawings and other things that I may post here later.

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