CWN reviews RR#1

Michael May, a kindly reviewer from Comic World News had this to say about the latest Rocket Rabbit comic:

Rocket Rabbit #1
Written and Illustrated by James Baker
I’ve been waiting for more Rocket Rabbit since I reviewed Nerve Bomb Comix #0. It was such a fun, fresh take on superheroes. Baker has finally continued what he started and has lost none of what made Nerve Bomb such a joy to read. The banter between Rocket Rabbit and his hot creator The Professor is still playful and Baker still has a knack for creating genuinely funny super-heroes and villains. Even the one-panel throwaway characters are clever and silly; whether because of their names (Escape Goat) or their costumes (Hog Wild has a hog-head shaped mask with eyeholes in the pig’s nostrils). And the great thing is that this issue’s throwaways may be next issue’s focus. A small character in Nerve Bomb called Jack Ass (a donkey who switches personalities whenever anyone invokes one of his other names – Smart Ass, Dumb Ass, Lame Ass, etc.) coordinates all the evil-doing in this issue. Super-hero parody is always a tricky business, but Rocket Rabbit isn’t so much parody as just really enjoyable, really funny, light-hearted, sci-fi super-heroics.

It’s gratifying when at least the first review is a postive one, because it makes it easier to take the ensuing bad ones. After all, goofball silliness isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.
Luckily for me Michael May has a sense of humour every bit as silly as my own. He also gave me a thumbs up for my first comic which made my day at the time. Here at Nerve Bomb comics we have only one guiding philosphy, one MANIFESTO from which all springs forth and, such as it is, it is this:

“Sometimes the silly thing is the right thing to do.”

3 thoughts on “CWN reviews RR#1”

  1. Congrats on the stellar review Mr. Baker. I’m sure it’s the start of even more glory for Rocket Rabbit!

    Hog Wild definitely needs a solo issue soon.

  2. Oh my god! is that Shamrock sitting next to him there? that is GREAT, she should totally be irish.

    good to see you are getting positive reviews, Here is my positive review: “Rocket rabbit is pretty darn excellent, though rabbit and the professor need to have a sordid affair of some sort to increase potential sexual tension. 10 out of 10”




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