Claire Wendling

my latest favourite site to visit shows the work of the comics (and animation) artist Claire Wendling. If you take the time to go through her entire site you will definately be inspired. Or perhaps you will get depressed instead. We joke that she is one of those special artists who is DESPIRING which is when their artwork depresses you (because YOU suck) and inspires you (when you see what’s possible) at the same time.. Is there anything that she can’t do? sheesh!

2 thoughts on “Claire Wendling”

  1. After living within driving distance of this woman and acquiring a good sampling of her work in print while living in Germany, I have to say her work is definitely “despiring”. Still, having the various publications are like striking gold repeatedly. Once the depression fades I do find the urge to tackle the blank spaces again. I hoped to meet her but my last great opportunity was denied to me by the cruel fates. Perhaps living as close as I did for 6 years was the curse. To be denied something so obviously sought after is the trial many dreamers endure.
    Besides, my French is non-existent. It’s very likely that I’d just have made a fool of myself if I’d succeeded in meeting her. Was this missed opportunity really my good luck…?


    • Rick>>I would like to meet her too. I hope to attend the Angouleme festival sometime, so perhaps I will see her there someday. As to communication, Stuart Ng (the book-seller) tells me that she communicates well in English.

      Thanks for your comment.

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