James Baker

Raised in Australia, James Baker is a pencil-jockey who's worked in the animation industry since 1982. He has worked at studios all over the world, and now makes his home in San Francisco. This blog is a place for him to explore personal projects in both writing and drawing.

Mad World

 Posted by on October 7, 2001  Updates, Work
Oct 072001
Mad World

When not watching the horrifying TV News just like everyone else, I’ve been working for PIXAR doing some freelance storyboarding. Just prior to that I was doing a little concept work for Wild Brain. Website fiddling continues as before. I’m trying to learn how to use Javascript now.

Website Fiddling

 Posted by on September 10, 2001  Updates, Websites  Tagged with:
Sep 102001
Website Fiddling

For the past few weeks I’ve been reworking my website after having messed it up by some unqualified fiddling about. Hopefully it is a little simpler now, and I’ve reduced the file sizes of a lot of the art so that it will load quicker. I’m almost done with the resizing, and I’ve begun to add some new pieces. Currently [READ MORE…]

Aug 102001
Comic-con 2001!

The big push to get our comics finished for the San Diego Comic Con 2001 Convention is finally Over. We managed to sell a few at our Maverix booth down there. It was very gratifying experience for us to have a table instead of traipsing about showing our folios to uninterested editors. Showing our comics to uninterested fans was much [READ MORE…]