Even though it is about a very grim subject, the hunting and poaching of elephants, this is one of my favourite illustrations that I did for the book, mainly because of the colours. Choosing a colour palette is something that I always wrestle with, but in this case I was rather happy with the way that the limited palette came out. It remains to be seen whether it will reproduce in print the same way it looks on my monitor… but I should find out soon enough; I am expecting to see some advance copies in of the printed book sometime in February.

5 thoughts on “Yee-HAW!!”

  1. John>> it will be 128 pages and there are 60(ish) illustrations.

    Derek>>Though talkative in person you are a monosyllabic commenter, oh MIGHTY D! :)

    As far as I know at this stage, the book comes out in OZ-trailer in April. The publisher down there is lining up distribution in other countires at the moment, but until that happens it should be available online from their website. (I will post the details here when I learn of them).

    Plus, I will hopefully get a box or two shipped over in time for Comic Con.

  2. Ted>> Thank you. It may very well be my fave as well. This was one case where I had a very clear idea of what the end pic should look like, right from the very first thumbnail sketch. I knew what colours I wanted and everything, and I didn’t meander from that path along the way (although I am not against meandering, either!). Sometimes the satisfaction of the end-result is in the surprises along the way and other times (like here) it is in seeing an idea fully realised.


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