Wondercon 2009

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Mar 052009

This year, I didn’t have a new book, despite my best efforts. That is two shows in a row I’ve exhibited at with no new product, so that trend has to STOP. A for my booth-partner Rhode, he’d planned to have some new sculpts for sale and got the sculpt and castings done, but technical difficulties (with the paint) made that product a non-starter too, though he had a great “coming soon” prototype to show off (Comic Con 2009, will hopefully be where the real thing will go on sale). This year Wondercon was fun, as it always is, and much better attended than expected, given the economy being in tough shape, but this time around the show was all about the food.

Thursday, just after setting up our booth and collecting our booth-badges, a group of us old con-cronies head off to Mi Lindo Peru in the Mission district for some tasty Peruvian food, chased down with a visit to the crowd-pleasing Mitchell’s Ice cream.

Friday, both attendance and sales were slow, but that was more than made up for by a meal at Henry’s Hunan and then a visit to the Cartoon Art Museum. I was geeking out hard on all the fantastic artwork on display; Gene Colan’s pencils, inked pages by Will Eisner and George Herriman… and then I walked around the corner and found the WATCHMEN display. Page after page of fantastic artwork from the comic book including some fantastic thumbnails that Dave Gibbons used to plan his black spottings PLUS some artwork, props and costumes from the upcoming film.

Saturday attendance was crazy; just like Comic-Con. Sales were good and we celebrated by going to Zante’s for some Indian Pizza. That place is great, but for the first time ever the restaurant was insanely crowded, due to there being a large group already there for a birthday party. The food was worth the wait, however, and we then went to Mitchell’s a second time. Later, in my stomach, the ice cream took on the role of Cobra and the Indian food became Mongoose, and they battled it out through the night.

Sunday was a pretty typical day of moderate sales, leaving me time to up some purchases of my own, including the new book from GHOSTBOT (first time exhibitors!)and CORA by Ted Mathot (both of which are great books). Rhode and I managed to pack down the booth and make our getaway in record time and a large part of our motivation was to be on time for a rendezvous at the Schnitzel Haus. What followed was a meal so hearty, fun and filling, that it became dubbed the inaugural Feast Of CONover. I look forward to the next!

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  1. “later, in my stomach, the ice cream took on the role of Cobra and the Indian food became Mongoose, and they battled it out through the night”

    That is the best sentence ever…

  2. It was really nice meeting at the con Jamie. Really dug getting your The Tiniest Bear book – very appealing characters and a cute, cute story. Hope to stop by your both at the SDCC as well, so maybe I’ll see you then.

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