Weekend Drawing

Last weekend was beautifully sunny here in Portland, so I went on several long walks throughout the city. I tried doing some sketches of the scenery but none that came out very well. Several half-started scribbles is all. Perhaps they can be made into something decent if I revisit those particular spots again for a follow up session or two… My attempts to draw outside are thwarted by the weather here in Portland; either it starts to rain or it is too beautiful to want to sit still. Anyway, here is a pencil doodle of POWERGIRL that I did in the evening, with some slapdash Photoshop colour added afterward. I may tidy it up a bit later but this is all I have right now.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Drawing”

  1. Benton & Ted>> Thanks. I have been recently drawing a lot of hero gals, and heroines in general, in my doodle-book. I never used to do that before; drawing other people’s characters… but I am enjoying it now.

    I had an idea to do a PINUP book and even hit upon a title that I liked, but I heard of another person using a similar name for a similar concept. That always happens to me… dang it.

    Anyway, the doodles continue, and I will post more here as they become better cooked.


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