Website Fiddling

For the past few weeks I’ve been reworking my website after having messed it up by some unqualified fiddling about. Hopefully it is a little simpler now, and I’ve reduced the file sizes of a lot of the art so that it will load quicker. I’m almost done with the resizing, and I’ve begun to add some new pieces.

Currently I only have one movie in my animation section. Check back soon when I’ve done some more uploading, there will be at least 3 movies in there soon. I’m also working on building another site called NERVE BOMB, which is the name of the comic that I self-published earlier this year. When it is finished, I’ll move the stuff currently housed in the “projects” part of my portfolio to that that site. That will leave this site as purely my professional work.

On the subject of Nerve Bomb, Derek and Bosco and I still have boxes of the comics that we self published for the San Diego convention cluttering up the halls, so if anyone is interested in taking some of this quality merchandise off of our hands don’t be shy with those wallets.

The folks at Maverix, namely Sho and Vaughn, have also been retooling their sites as well so check those out, but bear in mind that they are still tweaking bits and pieces. Hopefully Bosco will get to finishing off his site next. Maverix is pretty quiet at the moment as Robert is in London, Sho is preparing to go, and Derek is at the burning man. Patrick Awa, Chris petrocchi and Sam Hood will be keeping their seats warm while they are away.

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