Website Updates…

Over in the FOLIO section I have finally started to add some images that have been stored on my FTP for a while, but that were never added to the galleries sections. Most of them were sketches and cheesecake pinups that I posted on some illustration forums. Some of them have appeared in my Gourmet Gruel sketchbooks that I sell at cons and some other ones I uploaded but never made thumbnails for. There’ll be more images showing up over the next few weeks so please come back and look for the new stuff.

I also overhauled and regorganized the LINKS page which now includes a couple of new categories, including BLOGS. There has been an explosion of blogs by animation folk in the last few months, and there really is a lot of fabulous stuff to look at out there on the web these days. Be sure to visit the new blogs by LOU ROMANO and JEFF PIDGEON.

AND there are a bunch of other neat new links. Lately I’ve been getting a kick out of MULLET JUNKY… I may even get a mullet myself… (have to mull it over…). Another fun site is the BENNET ROBOT WORKS which features great robot sculptures made out of found bits of industrial junk. And if you like them enough the pieces are for sale.There are also a few new art sites so please go take a look see

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