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Thank you to everyone for all of the love and support in this incredibly difficult time. Jamie had a stroke due to high blood pressure. The bleeding was on the left side of his brain. His prognosis is good, although the recovery will be extensive. He is currently in intensive care but should be moving to a less critical stage very soon. I am hopeful.
Jamie’s brother Jo flew out from the East Coast. Jo is helping in all aspects of this difficult time and an amazing brother to Jamie. Truly.
We also saw Tony Stacchi and Rhode Montijo, who were both in town as the events unfolded.
 The doctors have told me it will be a long recovery for him, first in a physical therapy rehabilitation center and then at home with home health care rehabilitation. Recovery will require a lot of work and commitment for us both. 
Because many of you have been asking about insurance: Jamie and I are domestic partners in the city of San Francisco, so in October I added Jamie to my health insurance policy. However, I am at the moment unclear about the extent of the coverage and other details regarding our policy. He has no disability coverage that I am aware of.
I am including a close circle of friends here but will most likely add more friends to this website later. For now I ask that you please refrain from posting about this on Facebook. I’ve set up this website as a way to update everyone while maintaining a certain level of privacy.
I also have a lot of facebook friends whom are a part of a larger public artistic network; please do not post anything to my wall. I just don’t want the random involvement from people I don’t know. 
Besides it’s a little more cozy in here.
Thank you so much for all the support. Jamie is the most completely amazing, most brilliant, wittiest, and silliest person I have ever known. Every single day I thank the universe, stars, earth, and dumb luck for bringing him to me. I want our paths to continue to be intimately intertwined as long as we both live and feel immense gratitude for the time we have spent together so far. Jamie and I share the most beautiful world together and I want him back in it.
So very much to love to you all,

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  1. Hi Bro
    It’s great to see all your friends expressing themselves on this website – you have definitely had a major impact on a lot of other people. I can feel the love and warmth coming from each post.

    You and Julia will get through this, and when you get to the other side of your recovery, you will still be yourselves, but you will be different, and maybe you will like some of the changes that happen, even though you obviously would not have chosen the circumstances that bring them about. As you recover you will experience life from a different vantage point – try and go with it – then write about it later!!

    I love the website Julia – I vote for rehab tweets, YouTube blog, and Physio-Cam!
    In one of Jo’s emails to the family he mentioned you guys watched a bit of a Rambo movie on TV together at the hospital. It reminded me of this page from your website:
    More than once I’ve gone and looked at these pictures when I’ve been having a bad day – just to have a good laugh – I love these pictures Bro!
    Love Dom Mary Rachel Toby & Lilly
    — Dom Baker, December 30, 2012

  2. Jamie (James) Baker: former chief of staff and current so-bro-down-licious-inspired-and-inspiring-friend-to- artists-united-in-perpetual-creationary-energy-for-the-deep-down-satisfaction-of-all-kind.
    Jamie- I derive powerful inspiration from you. With your daily encouragement to somehow glean a book out of me with material I always think deficient in some way; I reconsider this position .. On a daily basis. Today- particularly strong is this thing .. To make something from this perceived nothing and get on with it. I have you to thank for .. That kind of encouragement from a talent of your magnitudinal standing resets my solenoids for stun.
    I’ll be there for you Jamie- whatever you need brother. Be seeing you soon..
    Jay, Lisa, Evie and monkey (the dog)
    — Jay Shuster, December 30, 2012

  3. Hi Jamie,
    I don’ t remember which of us was supposed to buy our next Sushi dinner but I will take care of the next one for sure so you take care of yourself until then.
    Get well soon. Looking forward to see your happy face on empty stomach and I make allowances even if you happen to be more Yagi-kusai.
    You mean a lot to many people and I am definitely one of them.
    105 / 305
    Julia, let us know how we can help! from Patrick
    Hi Jamie,
    I cannot wait to go Sushi with you when you get well! We really hope you get well. Genki ni natte ne! From Aki
    — Patrick Awa, December 30, 2012

  4. Wow, there’s such a lot of support for you on here. That makes me feel so much better, especially what Benton has written. It sounds like he’s the go-to person for advice based on lived experience.
    It’s very hard to be so far away in a situation like this, but I’m so glad Jo lives not too far away, and has been able to support you, with Julia. That means a lot to all of us back home.
    Will be dropping in to the site regularly with updates from the Perrin-Baker Festive Season Downunder, featuring the BIG BANANA!!
    — Family Baker, December 30, 2012

  5. Hi Dear Boy
    Make way for an old guy barging through! Julia and Jo’s bulletins have been pure gold and of great reassurance; but it’s still great, even for an old IT ignoramus like your dad, to be able to feel in direct contact with you via this CaringBridge caper.

    It’s probably not the best time for old farts to be indulging in “birds and bees” advice to the young, but I can’t help enjoining upon you get back to the way you were just as quickly as you can and bind that lovely Julia of yours to yourself with the proverbial hoops of steel. She wants you back; I reckon you’d be a mug not to get cracking at the job of obliging her.

    The rest of us will be eager to see you back on form, too. So, keep plugging away at getting well soon. Love from me and Wendy (who, no doubt, will be contacting you on her own account),
    — Rob Baker, December 30, 2012

  6. Dear James,
    We have watched and waited for every posting of how you are faring! The signs are good and the journey ahead dotted with a few hills, eh? Thanks sooooo much to Julia and Jo for keeping us so well-informed!
    Just before Christmas, my sister, Paula’s husband, Curley, had a stroke and a heart attack in their home 40 kms north of Inverell. You have been there. There was great concern about the time taken to fly him into Tamworth Base Hospital. He lost the use of his right arm and speech. However he did persevere and is back with Paula, his property, ‘Puckawidgi”,and with his cattle and sheep and doing well.
    So, dear heart, I am looking forward to a red (and Dad a white) and a beaut meal with you soon…… perhaps not on Twin Peaks! Maybe even a treat for us all in the diner restaurant again?!!
    Hugs from over this side of the Pacific! Wendy xx
    — Wendy Baker, December 30, 2012

  7. hey James,So sorry to hear about all this crappiness but we know your strong spirit and Julia by your side will help with a speedy recovery. Sending much love from the southland. Hope to see more of you in the new year! xo- Denis and Eric
    — Denis Morella, December 31, 2012

  8. Jamie! Thinking of you, my friend. Somewhere through the years I had you figured to be almighty and indestructible, thought for sure you’d be the last one standing in the apocalypse. Still do… but looks like you’d better get yourself buffed up again. Luckily plenty of time left.
    Much love and positive thoughts.
    Yer pal,
    — John Hays, December 31, 2012


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