Three Bad little pigs

 Posted by on March 15, 2005  Character design, Drawings, Updates, VisDev
Mar 152005

The above colour piece was done with gouache and pencil on Canson paper, and was based on the sketch below. I did these a while ago but only got around to scanning the colour one recently.

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  1. OINK OINK! Awesome, Jamie. I love how both the pencils and the colored piece are equally solid pieces. What technique do you use to transfer over from the sketch? (If you say you eyeball it, I’m going to have to kill you…)

  2. Thanks Roque. I usually just feed the Canson paper into a copy machine. If its a good one it will transfer most of the pencil shading to the canson paper, and then you are just a wash and highlights away from being done. Lazy, huh?

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