The PreZident

Here’s a painting of The Prezident that I did for my pal Mike, done in acrylics on masonite. I’ve never really used acrylics before, and I had some fun painting it. Cracked my own-self up as a matter of fact.

The Prezident

This guy was a character from the Superhero Party. He is also going to appear in an upcoming Rocket Rabbit story..  He’s a retired superhero who becomes the Prezident, and parties harder than Clinton when he comes to town. Rocket and the Professor have to keep an eye on him, try to keep him out of trouble, and clean up after him once he’s done partying hard.
To the right is an actual photo of him, taken back in the days when he fought under the name AMERICAN DREAM:

3 thoughts on “The PreZident”

  1. yeah!!!! AMERICAN DREAM!!!! so much power. he’s like rowdy roddy piper mixed with a shaven grizzly adams and blended with equal parts of sammy hagar, only he’s waaaay more cooler and stronger. i want to be him when i grow up.


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