The Dog Star

This is an image from a story I have been thinking about, off and on again, for years. It is about a dog from outer-space that gets stranded here on Earth.

The idea of an animal from outer space isn’t new, but I think my version is fresh enough to be worth the effort it would take to tell this particular story. I had a pretty good head of steam on this project when I first thought of the idea many years ago. I generated a lot of sketches, artwork and writing. Most of that was lost in my first ever experience with a frozen hard drive, and with it was lost a lot of the momentum behind the project. Recently I have been thinking more about this old idea and writing some new versions of the story.

Backed up, this time.

3 thoughts on “The Dog Star”

  1. This is a very charming image. I love the loose inks and the design of the alien dog.

    My wife and I have a theory that our dog may in fact be an alien.

    Hope to see more of this Jamie.

  2. This is one of the first ideas you told me about, and it was hella funny! Alot of really colorful characters that are really funny. No really, really funny!! DO IT!!!

  3. It looks and sounds like great idea, Jamie!
    Too bad for ever lost data, grrrrrrr!
    If our first encounter of the 3rd kind was made with aliens looking like human’s best friend, it would be pretty sweet, I think. Wanna now more about your project!


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