Well, I’ve been fiddling about on this site since I registered the domain name in september 2001, and it is finally starting to take shape.

Rocket Rabbit & The Professor 's foe: the Bludgeonator!

There isn’t much news to report this early in the game, but one exiting development is that my old Pal Chris Hauge, who has his own studio in Sydney called HALO PICTURES, is currently modelling ROCKET RABBIT in CG. The goal is to do an animated test of about 30 seconds or so. I’ve been working up some model sheets for that project and still have to put the finishing touches on a storyboard. So obviously that is pretty exciting. Here is their CG model of Rocket Rabbit’s foe; THE BLUDGEONATOR!

A character who had a bit part in the Premiere Rocket Rabbit story last year, is going to be the star of the next comic story that I do. Her name is SQUID GIRL, and you can see some sketches of here about the place if you look hard enough. I will start pencilling a story for her next week, and will hopefully have some stuff in print in time for the Comic Con in August.

Rocket Rabbit & The Professor 's foe: the Bludgeonator!

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