A fun little project designing a mascot character for a boudoir clothing line.

Jan 252009
Digital Doodle

Here is the preliminary digital sketch for the previous post, before I tidied it up and shifted the pose a little based on some feedback from my friend/client who I was doing the drawing for. There is something loose and fluid that I like about this earlier, scribbly version though. The finishing was all digital, done on my [..READ MORE..]

Girlie Sketches

 Posted by on March 14, 2008  Drawings, Illustration
Mar 142008
Girlie Sketches

Right now, I have a few little design jobs all cooking on the stove at the same time. Some of them are tasty, some of them not so tasty. Here are some sketches for one of the fun jobs. The assignment is to design a cheesecake pinup-girl to be the icon character for a potential line of Boudoir [..READ MORE..]