Peter Lawlor

Feb 032018
'in darkest PERU..'

The joy of writing and receiving multipage handwritten letters is a lost pleasure. My letter output now is no better than the average 21st century yahoo, but I was a prodigious letter writer in the 1980s, while working in Asian animation studios to finance extensive travel. In the pre-internet & iPhone era, travel abroad might mean weeks with no real [READ MORE…]

I’m ready for my close-up

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Apr 152015
I'm ready for my close-up

Apr 15, 2015 3:05pm After almost 25 years living in California, I’ve finally gotten my own Botox injections. Instead of being used on my ever wrinkling brow and baggy eyes, the preferred wonder drug of Hollywood starlets was jabbed into the spastic muscles of my arm and leg. One of the strange aspects of what has happened to me is [READ MORE…]

Mar 172014
On Drawing

I have recently been wrestling with re-learning how to draw. The loss of my former ability has led me to reflect on what drawing has meant to me in my 30 year career as a cartoonist, and how and why I came to be so interested in drawing in the first place. Back when I was very little, when my [READ MORE…]

The Magnificent Seven

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Sep 272009
The Magnificent Seven

PROLOG I meant to post this earlier, but got waylaid by technical difficulties and the distractions of real life. So, without further ado, here’s the story of an adventure from this time LAST year. In September 2008, I went back to my hometown, met up with 6 childhood friends– Some having known each-other ever since kindergarten— and together the 7 [READ MORE…]

Back Home

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Jan 142008
Back Home

Here is a panoramic photo taken at Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney. I spent a very pleasant few days catching up with two of my dearest childhood friends, Peter Lawlor and John Dillon, as we all stayed at a beautiful property just a few minutes walk from where this picture was taken. A five week [READ MORE…]