Stern Grove

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Not far from our flat is the park called Stern Grove, and we went there a few months ago for some sketching. I’ve finally finished and scanned the left-handed sketches from that day.


At one end of this long narrow park is a dog paradise, full of people walking their pooches. In the middle is the band shell used in music festivals, and down the other end of the park it is quiet beneath the almost permanent shade of the trees, where we set up to draw.

Stern_Grove_pondOne quirk of this place is that it is always a few degrees cooler there than just two streets away. Normally, our neighbourhood is already foggy and cool, and consequently Stern Grove would be a chilly place to draw, but the weather this year has been sunny most of the time, and on the day we were there it was quite pleasant.

The pretty building that I drew (above) can be hired as an event space (I looked into using it once myself). I was also taken with a  little pond nearby, and the subdued lighting all around with the sky reflections on the water being the primary light source. With the watercolours, I was enjoying trying out a limited palette of blue and brown with just a smidge of green here and there.

  26 Responses to “Stern Grove”

  1. That’s where our wedding is!

  2. I know that place! Sweet work, Sir!

    • Thanks. Though looking at it now, I think i need to darken the foliage in the 2nd pic so that there is more contrast with the brightness of the water. I may add an extra wash of blue later.

  3. Wow James…. Awesome mate

  4. as always, very nice work James Baker

    • Peter, thanks. I have a way to go till I am pro-fast again, but I’m happy with how the pics are looking at least. My next art project is to get back into cartoons.

  5. This is great! I got married there! Well, we had our reception there, anyhow. 😉

  6. Beautiful compositions. Excellent execution.

    Lefty got chops!

  7. Jimmy these are so beautiful I can’t believe you did this with your other hand…………AMAZING.

  8. Love these!!!!

  9. The Painting of the Trocadero Clubhouse has gone to a good home; Ben & Amanda’s

  10. this is just beautiful Jamie!

  11. Thanks Bosco. Did it several months ago, but recently gave to friends as a wedding present, because their wedding was just held there.

  12. As always, lovely work! Thank you!

  13. I really love your watercolors. They are beautiful!

  14. You are an amazing artist James….I’m just floored by your talent!!

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