8 thoughts on “Steel Bridge, Portland”

    • Hey, Craig. yes it is a lovely hand-bound leather number, given to me by my buddy Dave when I visited him a few years ago in New York. I guess he'd bought it when in Italy and never ever used it because it was TOO nice.

    • Hey Amber. Yeah, I was taken with this bridge too. The place I was staying was only a block or two away (in the PEARL), so I saw it in all kinds of weather, fair and foul, though the bridge itself always looked lovely. The top sketch was drawn one day after walking across the bridge and then down some stairs on the other side that led to a long river-walk across pontoons on the east side. I did a huge loop that day; down the east side of the river, all the way down to one of the southernmost bridges (the one that is supposed to be structurally unsound, forget the name…) then back across to the west side and then up the river bank to home. It was one of those utterly LOVELY Portland days…

  1. nice drawings. last year i created a working model of the Hawthorne bridge. check out the pdx bridge festival they may doing something for the steel


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