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Jun 182007

This picture was drawn years ago for my friend JOY who used to have a retro clothing line called FROCK & ROLL. (These days she designs under the label of HOT COUTURE).

The recent discovery of an old, water-damaged portfolio has prompted me to sort through my sketchbooks and stacks of scribbles and make a digital back-up of my older drawings (the newer ones have already been scanned at some point). I really SHOULD be doing a mini comic for Comic-Con but I am having the worst mental-block about it, which is what inspired me to sift through old drawings in the first place, looking for some inspiration.

One bonus of this spate of scanning, is that I have been updating and resizing some of the scans in the ART section of this site (for example this, this, this and that). Many of the images in my galleries were scanned years ago (as long ago as 2000) and were consequently posted at the tiny size required in the pre-DSL internet days.

  4 Responses to “Some Oldies”

  1. Cool let’s see more!… but not so much that we don’t get to see a new mini-comic.

    • John>> I have to confess that I am having a hard time getting going on the mini-comic.

      My goal was to try something new but I cannot come up with anything that I like. If this mental block lasts much longer I will just do a Rocket Rabbit or Nauti Girl thing…

  2. I second the “let us see more” comment

    • Brian>> I will post some more as I scan them. I even found some illustration jobs I did when I was about 21 years old… not promising I’ll show those, however!

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