Sketchcrawl #30

Last weekend I attended my very first SKETCHCRAWL here in San Francisco and had a wonderful time out and about sketching and socialising with friends.

Over the past year or so, I have been trying very hard to re-acquire the habit of going out and sketching in the real world. I used to do this often, once upon a time, but then fell into the habit of filling books solely with doodles from my imagination.

I still enjoy doodling, but it has been a goal of mine to work on my observation and speed-drawing skills, so SKETCHCRAWL #30 is JUST what the doctor ordered.

About 60 artists met at a cafe near San Francisco’s JAPANTOWN and then split up to draw whatever stuck their fancy in the surrounding area. At day’s end, there was a regroup where artists showed each-other what they had drawn and I was BLOWN AWAY at the quality of the sketchbooks that I saw.

All in all, a very fun and inspiring day. I definitely plan to do another Sketchcrawl sometime in the future. Thanks so much to RONNIE & ENRICO for starting this wonderful event and shepherding it through 30 different crawls to the point where it is now a world-wide phenomenon.

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  1. Jamie! I’m glad you and Julia went to Sketchcrawl. I really wanted to make it, but I was feeling sick around that time. It looks like you had a good one. Nice sketches!


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