Sketchbook cheesecake

Here are some images from one of my pocket sketchbooks that I carry around for doodling on the train…

I’ve uploaded a bunch of these onto my site, but so far have not added to the galleries in my web-folio.

I really need to update some galleries on my site as I have actually uploaded a fair few pix that aren’t in there yet…

These (and other of my grubby, sweaty little pictures) also appear in Gourmet Gruel#3 the third of my sketch collections that I sell at conventions. (which appears in the latest BUD PLANT catalog.

4 thoughts on “Sketchbook cheesecake”

    • Argh! I have failed blogger 101.

      I was just oogling at your babes… HOT DANG! I’ve always loved your stlye, and I’ve always especially loved your babes.

    • Aw shucks, thanks! yeah, sometimes the COMMENT posts don’t show up immediately so people keep clicking the post button and then we get double posts… I’m guessing that what you did huh?

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