Here’s another one of the brush-pen sketches I did while sitting at the Abismo/Nerve Bomb booth at last year’s Comic-Con.

As to THIS year’s comic Con, I am still trying to figure out if I have enough time left to make something ELSE to sell, in addition to the new Elephant book (and selling some prints of the illustrations) especially as my work schedule wont leave a lot of spare time in the next few months…

I have already blocked out a lot of Rocket Rabbit stories, but past experience tells me that I wont be able to get any of them done in time for July and I would prefer not to rush them. So I had thought of doing a little book of pin-ups of established characters, but it seems like a lot of work on something that isn’t really “mine,” so now I am leaning towards a MINI-comic of some kind.

6 thoughts on “Sephilina”

  1. Hey Jamie, you ought to knock out some elephant prints.

    It’s far easier than doing a comic, you’ve got the artwork mostly done, AND people dig prints.

    Just an idea, but it’s something that you could chew in the time between now and San Diego.


  2. I second (or it it “third” now?) the elephant prints idea. The book’s text may not be kid-friendly, but a lot of your drawings certainly are. I’d love to get some prints for my boy.

  3. I love your comics Jaime, but if you really wanted to do something before SDC, maybe a macked out print of Cephalina(pin up) or a whacked out scene from Rocket Rabbit(ala Sam and Max or those old Marvel Universe cavalcade of villains(chasing Spider Man) or Good guys(every Avenger member ). Past experience has shown that although prints are daunting they go by much quicker than comics and people like having them(I’ve even seen nerds with FRAMED prints hung up on walls like proper art!).And as an alternative I have noticed a trend of doing micro prints (5×10 ish) as well as the bigger sizes. My two cents. Whatever you come up with will only make me that much poorer.


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