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Jun 162010

Lately, I have had my head down; jamming on a 40 page book for Comic Con next month, hopefully (time permitting) my first self-published book in FULL COLOUR. As a starting point, I have expanded and re-formatted an old ten page SEPHILINA story that I did for the BABES IN SPACE anthology (put together by Benton Jew & Ed Reynolds) several years back. After some re-writing, re-laying out and drawing additional pages (mostly a new beginning and ending) That story will now be 28 pages long. The balance of the 40 pages will be filled with sketches of my own plus a PIN-UP section in the back. Most of the Sephi Pin-ups were done years ago (in a thread on the DRAWING BOARD) but one of them is being worked on now. I asked JULIA to do her take on the character and I REALLY love what she has come up with. Here is a sneak peek:

It is so much fun for me to see other artists do their version of my characters especially when the end-result is so appealling. JULIA is also posting step-by-step progress of her SEPHI PIN-UP on her BLOG so keep an eye on that… OK, back to the grind-stone for me!

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  1. Man, I CANNOT wait for this.

    • ha! thanks for the encouragement, John. It is a bit of a cheat, in that it wont be all new material. On the other hand, what started as a simple colouring job has ballooned into a bigger enterprise. I am enjoying myself on this. Wish I could do this sort of thing full time. PS: your free copy is reserved already, in exchange for that SUPER pin-up!

  2. Bloody awsome James hook me up when been waiting 30 yes for this from when I was 8yrs old stairing at your gifts thinking that's cool. Hey and my bro Mick says high and virtual 5 for following ur passions mate. Great stuff. Love from all the Pollbars.

  3. Wow excellent James.. look forward to seeing the end result

  4. wow , full color , you going all out Jamie! Can’t wait to get my copy

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