Rocket & Professor sketchcard

Rocket Rabbit sketch cardHere is a quick sketch that took up a lot of time… Quite a few months ago Jeremy Adolphson mailed me a 4×6 card and asked me to do a quick sketch on it so that he could add it to his collection and online gallery. I did this ROCKET RABBIT & Professor pic and then lost it, then found it and took it to San Diego hoping to bump into Jeremy at Comic-Con. I didn’t see him and lost it again, did another one, crushed that in my bag and then found this first one. I mailed it immediately before it could get lost again. Go visit Jeremy’s site and see his collection, there are a lot of big name contributors not just small fry like me.

2 thoughts on “Rocket & Professor sketchcard”

  1. Wow, that’s a powerful site. I could get lost in there for a long time.

    Killer image Mr. Baker! I’ve never heard of traditional art vanishing (but I’ve lost my share of digital ones). I’m glad it found it’s way.


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