ROBOT animated shorts

A while ago, my pals at HALO PICTURES in Sydney were making some CG models of ROCKET RABBIT and the BLUDGEONATOR, with a view to making an animated short.

It was going to be a lot of work, and if it happened at all I wanted to be really involved, which wasn’t possible at the time. So in the end I put off the project so as to concentrate on making comics.

Lately I’ve seen some animation shorts on the web, that feature cool robots. I have to admit they are inspiring me to revisit the idea of doing something similar with ROCKET RABBIT.

The first short is called ROBOT REPUBLIC and is brilliantly animated in flash by SQUARE I studio in Melbourne. It’s really funny and features lots of rampaging robots.

If you like Robot Republic then check out the other excellent shorts also done for the Australian Broadcastion Corporation at their STRANGE ATTRACTORS website.

Another Robot themed short is done in CG by House Of Secrets, Maniacs Of Noise and Soulbase in Holland. The title of the short is Geweldenaren Van Ver. It is very brief, only about 10 seconds, but is really worth checking out. It was produced in a very brief period of time; a matter of weeks.

There really is something very appealing about the image of giant retro looking robots going beserk…

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