One of the first colour images I ever drew of Rocket Rabbit was of being chased by a big blue robot, who came to be called THE BLUDGEONATOR.

Rocket Rabbit's foe, THE BLUDGEONATOR Nerve Bomb Issue zero cover, starring ROCKET RABBIT!

Although that image became the cover for my first ever Rocket Rabbit comic book, I never drew any continuity for this robotic showdown back then, but I’m roughing out the story of their confrontation at the moment, in a short 6 page story called ROBO-BRAWL.

Rocket Rabbit's metal foe, The BLUDGEONATOR

This will be part of a 20 page prolog story that explains why Rocket & Professor abandoned their vagabond lifestyle, and came to work in San Fiasco as do-gooders working for THE COMPANY.

Rocket Rabbit's metal foe, The BLUDGEONATOR

I have a BIG book planned with over 100 pages of story, about half of which will be existing material and the other half completely new. ALL of it needs to be coloured, so it’s a lot of work, especially in my current condition, but it will mean so much to me to finish this project, especially if I can seamlessly integrate my new left handed art with the pages I drew with my right hand.

Rocket Rabbit & Professor pose with THE BLUDGEONATOR
I hope to chip away at it over the next few years with small, 6-10 page stories. So stay tuned!


37 thoughts on “Robo-Brawl”

  1. Impressive… I can’t do much with muy left hand at all although I just noticed I am typing with the two index fringers from both hands so maybe you are on to something here!!!

  2. I knew this was going to be an awesome post when I first checked my email, which was entitled “FALLOUT: Robo-Brawl”. Brawling robots–that’s amore. BUT THEN THE POST TURNED OUT TO BE THIS ANNOUNCEMENT!! The mere “LOVE” button can’t do this proper justice! Should I just type “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!! (etc.)” into a bunch of Comment boxes? (Don’t dare me to be that annoying!)

    Seriously, as a Rocket Rabbit and The Professor Super Fan, I’ve been waiting for news like this for a long time! <3

  3. This sounds amazing James! I still have your two Rocket Rabbits squirrelled away somewhere. Look forward to buying a 100 pager! Ambitious and inspiring project.

    Greetings from jolly old London.


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