Lost In Space

PROMETHEUS, the much anticipated follow-up to the Alien franchise, directed by franchise-creator, Ridley Scott, is a feast for the eyes in 3D, but I wasn’t sure what to make of the story.


Wanting answers to my nagging doubts about what appeared to be suspiciously like plot holes, bad writing and flimsy character portrayals, I went online where I found a wealth of forum-threads devoted to discussing the film’s deep, hidden meanings, symbolism and clever, though subtle, clues as to what is going on. I’d not heard such passionately tortuous theories to justify a movie since the early days of the Phantom Menace, before the credulity damn broke, and old-school Star Wars fans realised that they actually hated it. But, taking my cue from these online Prometheus discussions, I realised that SYMBOLISM is the key to enjoying Prometheus:

Peter Weyland, the old wrinkly dude on the starship, represents Ridley Scott; on a quest for meaning at the end of his career/life. He wants to reconnect with his fanbase, represented by the sleeping giant “Engineers”, and ask them if they still love him. David, the android, represents Damon Lindelhof, the screenwriter and Ridley Scott’s sidekick; helping him on this quest. After an arduous and expensive journey on the starship Prometheus, (which represents the cost and technical challenges of The Film itself) they awaken the long-dormant fanbase, (represented by the SLEEPING GIANT they find on the alien starship). When Ridley/Weyland prompts David/Lindelhoff to ask “do you still love us? (i.e: What do you think of our new FILM?)” The angry FANBASE tears off Lindelhoff’s head and beats Ridley Scott to death with it. But it isn’t over yet; later, the Giant/Fan is head-raped by MEMORIES of the film, and what has become of the Alien franchise, represented by the giant face-hugger attack at the end of the movie. After further gut-wrenching conflict, a xenomorph (a new, tortuous-symbolism-fan) steps from the dead body of the old Alien fanbase.

Ridley Scott rhymes with Diddly Squat. Coincidence? Symbolism? You decide. Indiana Jones and the Temple Of The Crystal Skull

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