Rocket Rabbit review on almost normal

The streets of San Fiasco are being ravaged by a colossal robotic granny! Who can stop the geriatric giant? Enter San Fiasco’s own Professor and Rocket Rabbit! The Professor, a young woman of extreme intelligence and beauty. Rocket Rabbit, umm…a robotic rabbit with big rocket bunny ears. This unlikely duo take their directions from the “Big Suit.” No, really it’s a big suit. A really, really big suit with a little fat guy sitting at the controls inside the collar. Can our heroes save San Fiasco? And what of the evil Dick Pump and his girl Silicon Valerie? Or the schizophrenic Smart Ass (also answering to Wise Ass, Dumb Ass, Bad Ass, and Kick Ass)? And just who or what are the Deeks? And, what should we make of The Apes of Wrath?! You can find the answers to these questions and get a glimpse at the bizarre Los Troppo Drongos in the magnificently drawn pages of Nerve Bomb Comix!

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