Princess Diana

I am writing up my lengthy Comic Con report at the moment, but I am waiting on some photos that I want to add to the report before I post it.

Plus, I actually need to fill out my much-delayed tax return this week, and for a guy who is as feeble with numbers as I am, that takes up more brain power and time than it should…

In the meantime, here is a sketch I did for Irma Navarro, while I sat at the Abismo/Nerve Bomb Comic Con booth.

4 thoughts on “Princess Diana”

    • John>>I liked this sketch when I did it, but it seems a little stiff when I look at it now… maybe because I was hunched over drawing it on a book resting on my lap. Anyway, glad that the sound-effects saved the day!

    • BKO>> I am sorry that I didn’t see you at the con too, Brian! And especially sorry to hear that you fell ill. Have you become allergic to nerds? Or Gomer-intolerant? If so, I hope that you get better soon.

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