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Mar 272007

Another quick Super-Heroine sketch done while sitting at my booth at a comics convention. This one is of my new favourite super gal; POWERGIRL.

I got a bit lazy with the hands and feet on this one, so I’ll tidy them up later.

  2 Responses to “Powergirl”

  1. Hello Jamie!
    it’s been a while…
    Nice sketch! Love your Batgirl too.
    And all your elephant illos are a real treat.

  2. HERVAL! It is good to hear from you again! I have looked for your TIFFANY book over here in the USA but so far I have not found it. Maybe I will get lucky at COMIC CON?

    Thanks for your comments about my sketches and Elephant pics. I hope to have the Elephant book delivered within the next few weeks (fingers crossed).

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