Photo Galleries

There have been many developments with my family & friends over the past few months, which goes hand in hand with a lot of reflection. I often turn to old photo albums at times like this, to look back on happy moments from the past. This has inspired me to finally update the photo galleries here on my site. 

Photo Galleries

Many of my photos were taken long ago on analog cameras. I still have a few grainy snaps shot on my very first camera, an Instamatic (received on my 10th birthday) but most are from later. I became serious about photography in my 20s, when I shot on Nikon cameras (FG20 & FM2) and there was a period where my camera was never far from my side. Those heavy cameras can be awkward to carry though, and I gradually lost the habit of bringing them everywhere. Later, I used a compact flat-body Olympus pocket camera (I forget the model now) and even some disposable cameras, because they were less bulky & conspicuous. I got my first pocket digital camera (Kodak V1253 Easyshare) in the 2000s, and more recently, my photos are taken on an ever-present iPhone camera. So I’m definitely back in the habit of photographing the people & places in my daily life.

My old negs & slides were in storage for many years, and I began the process of sorting & scanning them a few years back. I’ve been an enthusiastic poster of photos on Instagram since 2015 (posting drawings too). I’ve learned that social media apps I’ve enjoyed can quickly shift in tone & functionality, such that I’ve abandoned some favourites later on, when they weren’t fun anymore. My own website has been my internet basecamp for decades, and my activity elsewhere is usually represented here too. So, having some of my fave photos posted on my own website for posterity makes sense. The pandemic didn’t stop my photo sorting, but it halted scanning when I’d only got halfway through the memory mountain. I need to start up again.. which will add even more photos to the pile.

Obviously, all these photos have significance to me (even those that are out of focus) because of the people in them and the memories the pics evoke. A few might even appeal to other people too. Who knows, you may be in a few yourself (and if not now, maybe in a future update). So please enjoy this small sample of travel & personal photos from over the past few decades in my photo galleries.

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    • Thanks for taking a look, George. Yes, it is interesting looking back on multiple lifetimes in these pix. Some people don’t age much at all and others look like an entirely different person over time (and judging by all the “Is that YOU?!” incredulous comments I get, I’m in the second category).

      I hope to add more pics later, so stay tuned.

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