2001: Year In review


2001: The Year in Review. Here are some personal perspectives on this past twelve months. Highlight: Finally making a self-published comic. Lord knows why I waited so long. the 3 months that I spent at Maverix Studios pounding away on Nerve Bomb issue #zero was one of the most satisfying personal creative periods for me, … Read more

Happy Christmas!

Have an EXTREME Xmas!

I didn’t do a new card this year so here my Christmas postcard from last year (I’ve not posted it here before so hopefully that is OK!). I hope that you have a happy Christmas, Kwanza, Hanuka, Winter Solstice, Festivus or whichever celebration and whatever you like!

Mad World


When not watching the horrifying TV News just like everyone else, I’ve been working for PIXAR doing some freelance storyboarding. Just prior to that I was doing a little concept work for Wild Brain. Website fiddling continues as before. I’m trying to learn how to use Javascript now.