Open Season

Here are some images from OPEN SEASON, the upcoming (September 2006) animated film, which will be the first CG cartoon from Sony. There will be a rash of talking critter pix coming out over the next year, but I am looking forward to this one (in part) because of the goofy character design. The film is being directed by Jill Culton (ex-Pixar) and Tony Stacchi (ex-Colossal Pictures), The head of story is Dave Feiss (Mr Cow and Chicken no less) and the characters were designed by Carter Goodrich (concept guy on every animated movie… ever).

I am friends with some of the people working on the film so perhaps my sense of anticipation is somewhat heightened… but even so I think these screen captures from the movie (not photoshop touch-ups) show that the look and tone of the film is definately going to be a lot of fun. There are even more screen captures from Open Season on the JOBLO website. Animals hunting the hunters? Sounds like a pretty good story-arc to me…

4 thoughts on “Open Season”

  1. Looks good – I’m actually looking forward to the studios simplyfying designs for 3D, instead of that burst of realistic stuff. The graphic-ness is a nice breather!

  2. I’m with you, Clio; I like the simplified look in CG. I never got interested in animation because of it being “real”. I like it because it isn’t realistic. I think some people confuse realism with BELIEVABILITY….

  3. I remember Jill Culton’s name from the Art of Monsters Inc book. I don’t own the book (wish I did though), but I remember loving her drawings so much that I needed to remember her name. Yay! Hope to see more about this movie!


  4. Jill is (or was, before she became a director) a great story artist and story supervisor. Apart from her other contributions to Pixar films she gets a major portion of the credit for the creation of the character JESSIE from Toy Story 2… So it will be fun to see her first offering as a director.


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