Obi Wanna-Be

I actually saw this scene take place at Comic Con one year.

This illustration is for the next edition of the Field Guide to Gomers, a catalog of comic-convention goers, (and other dorky folk) that a group of us card-carrying nerds are compiling, in the spirit of “it takes one to know one.”

The first edition was hastilly put together by a group of us when exhibiting for the very first time at Comic-Con a few years ago. Despite being assembled at the last minute (while we waited for our other books to be printed) The GOMER GUIDE was a lot of fun to make and one of our hotest sellers that year. (see some pics from the 1st edition here and here)

Since then we have been able to identify and document quite a few other phylum and genus of “Gomers” (such as OBI-WANNA-BE illustrated above) so we are long over due for an expanded edition.

18 thoughts on “Obi Wanna-Be”

  1. Ahahahahahahaha! This looks great finished. You are the true master!! I’ve heard that ol George still calls them laser swords. I would love to have one of these guys correct him. So good! I’m crying!

    • Thanks Brian. I haven’t decided whether or not to leave OBI-WANNABE’s rant partially obscured by his “Lazer Sword” or not… It appeals to me this way for some reason but I know it is probably annoying to read.

  2. laser swords? yes, well i always thought they were lightning knives & not to be confused with high-voltage cutlery. lovely drawing though. the look on the faces of the girl and the chubby jedi are great!

  3. That’s a good-un!

    My six-year-old likes to play with his “Light Saver” all the time and make believe that he is “Dark Vader”!

    • Jo>> Ah, a LIGHT SAVER. genius. An elegant flashlight from a more civilized age…

      Makes sense to me… You would need one of those after turning to the Dark Side (not the DARTH side).

  4. I think he could have at least done the *force sprint* to get away from the little beastie.

    Very drawing though… I’m certain I’ve seen this guy at every comics and gaming convention I’ve ever attended. I love how he’s so high-and-mighty that his head is actually foreshortened. Funny.

  5. Hey Jamie,

    Why didn’t you tell me you had one of these…….things? These bloggie thingies?
    Awesome! Another place for me to visit daily to get inspired. Great stuff, btw.
    The bad boy bunny getting processed below is very fun.

  6. That’s great Jamie! I’m going to get one of those at san diego. Don’t forget all the Con girls that have been showing up lately dressed as their favorite Sailor Moon or wearing Armour plated bikinis and such! Don’t forget the electrical tape wearin’ gals either!


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