New Web Host

The pic is a sketch I did last year, recently coloured in photoshop. I have just found my own web host, so even though I am still a part of the Maverix Studios site, my files are hosted by, who I can heartilly recommend. Their prices are very reasonable and they always have speedy responses to my dopey questions. I have added sample pages from my 2nd Rocket Rabbit comic book to the Comics section, and there are details of how to buy that and my other books in the Store section. Speaking of that, I have also been having fun making artwork for the products in my store, and I will probably buy a bunch of it myself and take care of all my year end present buying in one hit. (hint hint) Other than that I have been doing some illustrations for a book written by my Dad, wrestling mightilly with a new comic story, and picking Rhode Montijo‘s brains as to how to get my already self-published stuff distributed…

This is probably old news to many of you, but I have recently been getting a kick out of reading and posting on a few graphics message boards; Shane Glines’ Drawing Board The Aimee’s studio board and the Bellefree forum are the main ones. Artists from all around the world post stuff on there and it has really increased my success rate in finding good art sites on the web. Oh, and don’t forget the Maverixstudios forum where you are all welcome to post your pix!

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