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I have re-organized things over in the FOLIO section. Now every thumbnail loads at the same time and you can choose from a menu of over 250 pix… Previously, visitors to my site needed to perform a million mouse clicks before they saw any pictures; carpal-tunneling through submenu after submenu… I had it organized that way before in view of the low band width of a few years back, but these days that is less of an issue, especially if you are out there actively looking for art sites; you probably have a fast connection. If that is NOT the case then my apologies, you’ll have to wait a minute or so for all the pix to load.

There are a few images on my FTP that I’ve never added to my FOLIO. these are often pics I’ve posted on forums or in this here blog, but I never made a thumbnail for. I will do that soon so it is all up to date. Hereafter the newest pics will intially appear at the top (the area that loads first) in a gallery called NEW.

As I look at some of the pix themselves I realize that a lot are small and a bit dark and grainy. Some of them are literally the first scans I ever did on a computer back in 2000, when all this stuff was new-fangled and blowing my tiny mind. So at some point I would like to rescan some of the art and resize it as well. Also in future I want to set up all my pictures in a database so that visitors can search for pics by date, project title, subject, medium, and so on. I guess that means I need to learn PHP… and God knows how long that will take. So for now this organization overhaul will have to do. You may have already noticed that this NEWS page is already searchable. Just enter a search term in the text field under the ARCHIVES on the right hand side (you’ll need to scroll down) and you can find what ever there is to be found.

Apart from organization, I have been trying to conform all the pages on my site to the same aesthetic. Once I redo my STORE and COMICS sections that will be finally done and there will be a somewhat uniform layout to each section. Anyway, let me know what you think about the layout change.

5 thoughts on “A New Site Layout”

    • Thanks, Alan. I may re-jig it a little so that not ALL the thumbnails load at the same time… I looked at it on a computer in an internet coffeee shop where it took AGES for them all to load…

  1. OK, as promised, I have re-organised the FOLIO section so that only a portion of the thumbnails load initially. Thereafter you can choose to load them all at once, or in 4 seperate galleries. I hope this makes it easirer on the people who don’t have broadband…


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