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“My View” by David LeBlanc
Looking for another “funny book” that isn’t the same old stuff. This one should give you some chuckles. These are the adventures of Rocket Rabbit, a small robot with rocket thrusters out the top of his head that look like a bunny’s ears, hence the name. His inventor and sexy side kick, the Professor, has to watch over him/it closely because although he is fully armed for crime fighting he is not a rocket scientist by any means when it comes to intelligence. They are often called to handle major problems in the city of San Fiasco by Big Suit, a man in a very large robot shell – like you would see The Brain use in Pinky and the Brain. He heads up The Company and they are agents among such comrades as Seamus Opossum, Cliff Hanger, and Squid Girl.

A lot of the humor in this book has to do with the plethora of characters and their strange appearance and/or abilities. The bad guys in “The Collective”, formerly and The Co-Op of Evil have their share. Some are not even people like the mesmerist Doctopus and the schizophrenic super genius Smart Ass and his villainous personalities Wise Ass, Dumb Ass and Kick Ass. My favorite is the mistakenly augmented with silicon instead of silicone porn stars Dick Pump and Silicon Valerie who can communicate directly with machines. Their plot is to wipe out Rocket Rabbit and the Professor with the devious Pasta Antipasta Bomb.

This is a rollicking spoof of super hero comics complete with mad villains, doomsday giant robots, witty heroic banter and surprise alien invaders. They even promise talking apes next time, always a fan favorite. The humor is light and clever. The art is accomplished and detailed. On a quarterly schedule it should maintain the quality evident in the first issue. But there is more! There is a six-page back up feature called LOS TROPPO DRONGOS. This is a surrealistic adventure of a midget, a cat and a dog. It is hard to explain there is no dialogue. The ever-shifting terrain and shapes they encounter remind me of the sixties underground comix either drawn by or meant for people on LSD or other mind altering substances. This is not a bad thing as it causes you to scan every inch to catch every detail and try to figure out just what the heck is going on. An interesting style you don’t see that often. The book as a whole is very entertaining. I think it is worth looking at to see if it appeals to your tastes.

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