Nature Beastie

 Posted by on June 8, 2008  Drawings
Jun 082008

This is my contribution to Dice Tsutsumi‘s upcoming TOTOTO FOREST PROJECT charity art auction, where participants were asked to draw Totoro tributes, or come up with their own nature sprites. It was done with Prisma Colour and Aquarelle pencils on toned pastel paper. I was happy with the sketch, but unfortunately, the rendering in the final piece didn’t come out quite as well as I’d hoped. It is a little overworked… but I ran out of time, so it is what it is…

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  1. Looks good Jamie. You got a nice sense of light in the picture, which I personally think can be tough to achieve with Pencil Crayon.

    When’s the auction?

    • Well thanks, John but I am not really happy with it… It was looking better at an earlier stage… and then I went too far with it… Unfortunately there isn’t the “undo” function when working analog. The auction isn’t for a couple of weeks, so if I get time, I might do it again.

  2. Cute and creepy. Undo-schmundo…Great piece, Jamie!

  3. I just came across this image as I was searching for pastel paper. As soon as I saw this little masterpiece I had to just write a comment and say well done. Looks fantastic to me and the expressions on the faces are brilliant.

  4. I had a copy of this hanging in my office and hallway. It’s getting framed for my new place. I never knew what it was titled… 🙂

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