My Auction Pieces

These Star Wars portraits are the original pieces that I did for the latest Maverix Art Auction, held last night. Additionally, I submitted three signed and framed prints from my Dad’s Elephant Book.

Over this past week I rented and watched the original three Star Wars movies, and as I’d already been doodling the characters, I decided to tidy up a few and submit them to the show, when I couldn’t think of any better ideas. The Princess LEIA was won by Mike Murnane, The YODA by Hop Matsuo, and the LUKE by Bosco Ng. I am happy to say that I won some GREAT pieces myself and I will have a full report on the Auction in a few days, when the all numbers are tallied up and the photographs come in… So Stay tuned!

(PS: Check out this post for my version of Han Solo and Chewbacca.)

6 thoughts on “My Auction Pieces”

  1. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I am glad that you liked these. I may do some more STAR WARS geek-sketches in future. I want to push them a bit further into JAMIE goof-ball territory.


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