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Aug 062005

As promised, here is the follow up to Herval’s Sephi pinup. These are some more PIN-UPS of Sephilina, by a variety of super talents, that I have collected. Click the images below for a bigger version of each pic.

1st Row: Louis Gonzales, Rhode Montijo, Ted Mathot

2nd Row: Chris Lensch, Ronnie delCarmen, Ed Reynolds.

3rd Row: Unknown, L. Frank Webber, Unknown.

I got most of these from a SQUID GIRL thread at the DRAWING BOARD, but in some cases I forgot to write down who did them, (so if you know who did the uncredited ones, let me know please!).

Plus, I have EVEN more SQUID GIRL pics that I will add later, so stay tuned.

  9 Responses to “More Sephi Pinups”

  1. OH DANG! I gotta do one now!! Great character. Great gallery of pinups, Jamie.

  2. OH SNAP! That is some fantastic interpretations!!!

  3. Yeah, pretty cool huh? It’s all very flattering… plus, I can swipe some of their ideas.

    Mu ha ha hargh!

    I particularly like Ronnie’s take on her fish-fin underpants.

  4. Louis is REALLY good, jeeeeez.
    Good job to all.

    • Yes, I agree, louis is a spectacular talent. His draftsmanship is one of my favourites of anybody I have worked with.

    • Yeah, I’m anxious to see more of Louis’ work. You fellas should all get together and make a Pixar sketchbook. Complete with yours, Tony Fucile’s, Ricky Neirva’s, Peter Sohn’s, Ronnie’s, Enrico’s and the million other amazing guys you have there. It would be unbelievable.

    • well J, are you aware of E-Ville press? where you CAN find some more of LOUIS’ work and an anthology of Pixar Artists’ work?

    • Yeah,E-ville looks really awesome. I guess I’m just pining for the ultimate Pixar sketchbook with everyone in it. Not unlike when I was 8, I wanted to hang out with Batman.
      A kid can dream.

    • Wow, that is powerful: to think that any sketchbook could be as cool as hanging out with Batman… powerful…

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