Halloween Monster Mosh

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Oct 242007

Looking for something fun to do in the San Francisco area on Halloween night without getting get shot? Then why not attend the MONSTER MOSH at the 12 GALAXIES night club?

This ghoulish extravaganza will be brought to life by the electrifying folks from B-MINUS COMICS (fearsome flyer artwork by B-Minus’ invincible Aaron Farmer) and and co-sponsored by both THE ONION (everyone’s favourite newspaper), and also by THE ISOTOPE (San Francisco’s best comics shop). Mix-music grooves will be spun by Dj SAM SUPA and there will be a rocking live set by TRIPLE COBRA . The hottest zombie sex-symbol in town, the ever glamorous Ms MONSTER (who is currently starring in “The search for the NEXT ELVIRA” on the FOX reality network) Will be hosting the MidNight costume contest. See you there!

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  1. Cool. This is kinda weird. I designed a shirt last month for an event that the Radio station I used to do work for in Arizona, and the event was called MONSTER MOSH as well.

  2. John>> I guess it is just a pun-combo of MONSTER MASH (that old novelty song) and MOSH-PIT. I love puns myself but I have learned that other people are likely to hit upon the same ideas at the same time…

    Anyway, THIS particular Monster Mosh was a lot of fun; everyone in costume dancing, a couple of stage shows, a DJ, and a live band. Best of all, no crazy knifing/shooting Madness like has been happening at THE CASTRO these past few years.

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