Maverix Art Auction for tsunami relief

 Posted by on February 2, 2005  Drawings, Friends, Updates
Feb 022005

Yet again the good hearts at Maverix are rallying their community to raise some money for those hit by bad fortune. Last time it was a benefit for our pal Mike’s surgery, and this time it is to raise money for the victims of the recent tsunami disaster in Asia.

There has been a great reaction from artists in the local community, and even artists from as far away as Los Angeles and New York have donated their artwork. Many more are expected to come and bid on the pieces and raise money. I donated 6 pieces, 3 Black and white, and 3 colour including the one shown here. The auction will be held at Maverix Studios Friday February 4th. There is more information about the auction at the Maverix Blog, including a daily update gallery of the actual pieces on offer.

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