Mammoth Achievement

After almost 7 years online, and 6 years doing this NEWS page, this is POST #200. mammoth

My first website launched in Late 2000, initially as part of the MAVERIX STUDIOS site (until I got my own domain and hosting in early 2002). This NEWS page began in August 2001 and I made the posts by hand in HTML until I discovered BLOGGER in August 2003.

The ease of the Blogger interface meant that the frequency of posts went up from one per month to roughly one per week, and the focus broadened from merely listing updates to my site, to posting general ramblings about this and that. In March 2006 I moved to WORDPRESS and I really like the flexibility and features of this platform.

Here are some stats from my administration dashboard: There are 200 POSTS and 703 VISITOR COMMENTS, the most commented post received 32 comments. A whopping 15,418 SPAM COMMENTS have been caught since I installed SPAM blocking software in March 2006. The real-comment/spam-comment imbalance is pretty intimidating…

Speaking of statistics, thanks to all of you who come by once in a while and create a HIT in my VISITOR STATS (I am ashamed to admit how obsessively I check them; it makes me strangely happy). EXTRA special thanks to those of you who occasionally take the time to post a comment and make this blogging process a dialogue instead of merely a monologue.

Having my own little outpost on the web has given me a lot of pleasure and I think that being part of a worldwide art-nerd community is a large part of the fun…

9 thoughts on “Mammoth Achievement”

  1. Wow, spam LOVES your drawings! How can you better reach the untapped market of SPAM? This could become a breakthrough! You could be rich by selling your work to spam! You could tell people that amongst spam you are terribly popular. Net savy people will know what you’re talking about, others will think you are popular among the canned meat crowd, and an elite few will think that you are popular among a select group of Monty Python fans. Figure out how to tap that spam market and you’re a millionaire!

    Congrats on the 200th post. I’ll keep reading.


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