It is wished for, written about, serenaded and talked of. It inspires some of the best in tree-graffiti, diary-entries, soap-operas and pop-songs, but while commonplace in the popular culture, in real-life LOVE can be very hard to find, and once found it is often accompanied by discussions about “where it is all going” that somehow… make it go.

Hate makes its own way in the world like the bird-flu virus, but LOVE needs our support, people! We must tend to it, and nurture it like a little baby hatchling if we want it to grow into a fine, big, majestically-soaring eagle in the awesome, technicolour sunset!

Wont you do your little part to keep the LOVE alive? Today is International Love Day, so stand up outa your chair, get out there, spread the good vibes, and do some serious LOVING!

3 thoughts on “LOVE DAY!”

  1. Oh Dear James, I was looking forward to the responses to your challenge for some serious loving to mark international love day – some great thoughts there indeed, surely more worthy than the lack of response indicates. Strange, when almost every comment of yours elicits response, that you haven’t drawn any on ‘serious love making’, the world obviously needs your exhortations – you mustn’t give up!! mt


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